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*Please read this notice in its entirety*

Dear Elkton Hall residents,

We are writing to follow up on the email sent last night, Friday, September 21, regarding the Elkton Hall cleaning and remediation plan. Your safety, health, and well-being are of utmost importance to us and relocating you while the cleaning occurs is a necessary step for the mold issue in Elkton Hall to be addressed thoroughly and effectively.

As we mentioned in Friday?s note, we need to temporarily relocate you, floor by floor, to various local hotels while the residence hall floor is assessed and cleaned thoroughly by remediation specialists and HVAC technicians.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your families. We want to assure you we are working as quickly as possible to eradicate the problem.

Prior to your scheduled relocation date, you will receive an email notification from the Department of Resident Life with your specific hotel assignment.

Hotel Information

The hotels we will use for temporary relocation during cleaning efforts are:

The Cambria located at 8321 Baltimore Avenue, College Park

The Hotel at the University of Maryland located at 7777 Baltimore Avenue, College Park

The College Park Marriott located at 3501 University Boulevard

We have selected the Cambria, The Hotel at the University of Maryland, and the College Park Marriott due to their proximity to campus.  Each hotel had limited availability due to previous bookings which required our staff to make reservations at multiple hotels adjacent to campus.

Schedule for hotels:

Please see the schedule below for assigned hotels (by floor) and timelines for check in and check out.  We are unable to make any changes to this schedule.

Things you can do to prepare

What to Pack

You will need to pack a bag of personal items needed to take with you to your assigned hotel, including all medications, computer, textbooks, clothing, and any valuables - plan for several days and up to one week?s time frame to stay in the hotel location.  You will not have access to belongings left behind until notice has been given that the cleaning is completed and you are notified to return to the floor.

Remaining Items/Storage Information

A professional moving service will pack all remaining belongings in your room, label them with the appropriate room number, and store them securely.  Stored items will be re-delivered to students? rooms after the floor has been cleaned and cleared for reentry.  

Steps you can take to help the packing process move more quickly and to avoid delays:

  • You and your roommate(s) must complete a packing inventory to list all of the major items that you are leaving in your room that the movers will be packing for you.  You can be as detailed as you?d like, but we recommend listing any electronics you are leaving in your room and any other valuables
  • Please take down posters or other items hung on walls or furniture, and take down curtains
  • You can utilize clear, plastic bags at the service desk to consolidate items or take items out of drawers so that it is easier to pack into boxes and make it easier for you to unpack.  We encourage you to launder your belongings before you bag them up so you are ready to go when you return.


The Department of Transportation Services will provide a dedicated shuttle route from Elkton to the three area hotels, College Park Marriott (formerly known as the Marriott Inn & Conference Center), The Hotel at Maryland, and Cambria Hotel on a 40-minute loop.  This service will begin Sunday (tomorrow) at 4:00 pm and will run from 7:00 am - 11:00 pm every day thereafter to assist you with moving your items to and from the hotel, and to get to campus during your hotel stay. 

NITE Ride will be reconfigured to service the three hotels at all times that NITE Ride operates.

Additionally, temporary bus stops at The Hotel at Maryland and Cambria Hotel are being created.  In addition to the special dedicated Elkton shuttle service, UMD shuttle routes #114, #117 & #132 will also service The Hotel stop and routes #117 & #132 will service the Cambria along their regular route.


Dining Services

Students can continue to use their on-campus dining plan as usual while they are assigned to a hotel.  In addition, students will be allowed to carry out one meal each day while staying in their assigned hotel.  Students can pick up the meal at 251 North.  (Please note, on Saturdays only, this carryout option will be from The Ellicott Diner.)

Safety and Security

In case of emergency, you should dial 911 or 301-405-3333 to contact police.  Resident Life will assign a professional Resident Life staff member to stay overnight in each of the hotels to provide support and assistance.  You will also be given a briefing sheet with information at hotel check-in.

Code of Student Conduct

All residence hall rules and policies as stated in the Community Living handbook, as well as the UMD Code of Student Conduct, still apply while living at your assigned hotel.

Hotel Information

See attachments for hotel schedule and frequently asked questions document.


We appreciate your continued patience as we address this situation.  If you have any questions about your move or the information shared with you, please contact the Elkton Hall Service Desk at 301-314-3558 who will connect students with the appropriate resource.  You may also email



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