August 10, 2020

Dear University of Maryland students:
We are excited to welcome you to campus both in person and virtually this fall semester! The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the broader community is our most important priority. It is everyone's responsibility to be proactive and uphold the standards and expectations set by the University, in order to maintain a safe campus environment.
The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for holding students accountable for adhering to community expectations. We want to be sure that students understand what is required of them. The Code of Student Conduct applies to all students, whether on or off campus.
In order for all of us to have the safest possible fall semester, it is imperative that everyone practice and enforce healthy behaviors. In addition to the specific policies outlined by the Code of Student Conduct, all students are expected to comply with the directives outlined in the 4 Maryland commitment.
All members of our campus community will be required to follow these measures:
  • Wear a face covering at all times indoors and outdoors when in the presence of others;
  • Wash hands frequently and practice good personal hygiene;
  • Practice physical distancing by staying at least 6 feet apart from others;
  • Stay home if you feel sick, and report symptoms to the University Health Center and your personal doctor;
  • Monitor your symptoms on a daily basis and submit them into the online reporting system located here.
The First 14 Days
As stated in President Pines' recent letter, the first 14 days of the semester will be a critical time for health and safety. For all students living both on and off campus, we ask that you stay in your residences as a precautionary measure as much as possible through September 14. This will help us reduce interactions during this critical assessment phase of our reopening plan.
Parties/Large Gatherings
A large number of students live off campus in the neighboring communities. Whether you are residing in an off-campus house, apartment building/complex, townhome, or fraternity/sorority chapter house, all students are expected to adhere to University, local, state, and federal guidelines as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct. Be advised that all gatherings - including those that take place in a private home, such as house parties - are still restricted by Prince George's County Executive Order to one person or family unit per 200 square feet. An average 2000 square foot single-family home should host no more than 10 people including the residents of the home. Individuals should still wear masks and physically distance.
Individuals hosting or attending large parties or gatherings in the greater College Park community in violation of the Executive Order will face a $5,000 fine and may also be sentenced to up to a year in jail in addition to or instead of the fine. This is enforceable by the County, and will be in addition to University disciplinary action.
The University is also working with the businesses in the City of College Park to ensure that safety measures are implemented in local restaurants, and bars as well. We expect your full cooperation and compliance with these measures.
The University will not tolerate any actions on the part of students which jeopardize the health and safety of the community. Students must adhere to required health and safety practices and expectations at all times. Students who do not comply with these expectations will face appropriate disciplinary action which may include disciplinary charges for failure to comply, and sanctions as appropriate under the Residence Hall Rules and/or the Code of Student Conduct. Sanctions for non-compliance include but are not limited to; loss of privileges to attend campus events, housing dismissal, removal from all on-campus activities including in-person classes, and dismissal from the University. We are serious about enforcing the Code of Student Conduct because your behavior can mean the difference between life and death.
The University of Maryland and Division of Student Affairs staff regularly update protocols to comply with state and local guidelines. Updates may be provided through email, UMD Alerts, updates to websites, or other methods such as social media. For more information, resources for mental health, safety, financial and other forms of assistance please visit
We want you to have a successful semester and we want you to remain healthy and keep your friends and families healthy as well. We need everyone to do their part 4 Maryland!
Andrea J Goodwin
Director of Student Conduct
The Flagship Institution of the State of Maryland
College Park MD 20742-5035, USA
Phone: 301.405.1000