Dear Terp:

Welcome to fall 2020 at the University of Maryland - a semester unlike any other!  I am delighted that you are joining us - either virtually or in-person.  My colleagues and I truly look forward to our year together.  This message serves as a follow-up to other emails you received this week, including President Pines’ update on the start of the semester, Dr. Sacared Bodison’s instructions to schedule a COVID-19 test, and Dr. Andrea Goodwin’s reminder about the Code of Student Conduct.

As you prepare to join our campus community this fall, I want to provide you with information about an important training that is required for all students:  COVID-19 Student Training: Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment for Students on Campus that should be completed before you begin your semester at UMD. You have already received instructions on this and other health requirements in a previous communication. COVID-19 Student Training is required for all students - new and returning.  Know that this requirement is designed to keep you and members of our community as healthy and safe as possible.

You are required to complete the COVID-19 Student Training: Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment for Students on Campus and read and agree to the expectations outlined in the I AM 4Maryland Community Commitment and Pledge.  This program will equip you with knowledge, skills, and resources regarding the prevention of COVID-19. You will have access to this course beginning Monday, August 17 and it must be completed by Monday, September 14.

You will receive an email reminder from next Monday, including how to login and complete the training. This training will be accessible 24/7 and should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  You will be able to stop, save your work, and return to the course to complete it at your own pace. We also hope you will talk openly and often with your parents, family and friends about the complex issues addressed in this training. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this training and agreeing to the I AM 4Maryland Community Commitment and Pledge. These requirements represent our community values regarding the health and wellness of all Terps and are designed to keep you and our community as healthy and safe as possible. Please know that when you return to campus you will learn more about the distribution of face masks; you will get two branded masks for  your personal use.

As a way to pull many of our campus messages together, I want to remind you of all that is required of you:

  • Participate in the COVID-19 Student Training: Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment for Students on Campus.

  • Agree to the I AM 4MARYLAND Student Pledge.

  • Get tested before coming to campus or the surrounding area. Note that you can upload your test results on our site.

  • Get tested as soon as you arrive on campus or the College Park area.

  • Commit to the 4MARYLAND plan - Wear a face covering at all times indoors and outdoors when in the presence of others; wash hands frequently and practice good personal hygiene; practice physical distancing by staying at least 6 feet apart from others; stay home if you feel sick, and report symptoms to the University Health Center and your personal doctor; and, monitor your symptoms on a daily basis and submit them into the online reporting system located here.

  • For all students living both on and off campus, we ask that you stay in your residences, as much as possible, as a precautionary measure through September 14. You cannot host or attend large parties or gatherings of more than 10 people.

Terp, we know you’ll make us proud by demonstrating your commitment to yourself and all Terrapins! We look forward to supporting you this upcoming academic year.  And, I personally cannot wait to meet you soon!


Stay well,

Patty Perillo, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs




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